Challenges in Green Construction Projects in Asia | Aedas Hong Kong | Benny Chow

Benny Chow talks about his company’s sustainability strategies and challenges in green construction projects.

The main issue in undergoing a green construction projects in Asia heavily lies on the architects as they tend to focus only on the buildings’ aesthetics instead of the environmental value or green principles. This can be tackled by providing a proper education through training and seminar that emphasize the importance of green certification of a building.

Benny Chow is the Director of Sustainability at Aedas Hong Kong.


More about Aedas:

Aedas is a leading international design practice which offers services in architecture, interior design, master planning, landscape, urban design and building consultancy within Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. They commit to their core value of design excellence and are dedicated to research & development and sustainability.


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