India: report on energy efficient buildings out today

The Administrative Staff College of India (Asci) and the Natural Resources Defence Council will release a groundbreaking new report on the future of energy efficient buildings in India, at the HICC on Tuesday, during the Green Building Congress.

The report “Constructing Change: Accelerating Energy Efficiency in India’s Buildings Market”, outlines how India can address its growing energy crisis through the construction of energy-smart cities.

The report discusses best practices and initiatives in states such as Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, and outlines action steps for states and local governments to collectively move the buildings market towards energy efficiency.

As India’s leading technology hub, and home to India’s first LEED Platinum Building, Andhra Pradesh is moving towards setting minimum energy efficiency standards for buildings and adopting the Energy Conservation Building Code in order to increase its energy security and to ensure that energy supply can meet future energy demand in the state and in the country.

The report finds that energy efficiency is the fastest, cleanest, and cheapest way for India to significantly address its growing energy crisis.

With 70 per cent of the buildings that will exist in India by 2030 yet to be built, constructing these buildings with the most energy-efficient technologies now will save India tens of billions of dollars each year.

As a major source of energy demand, buildings represent a significant opportunity for energy and cost saving through energy efficiency.

The report also shows steps taken by the government of Andhra Pradesh and other states to address its energy demand-supply gap by using the cheapest, fastest, and most effective means possible of energy efficiency.


Source: Deccan Chronicle

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