India: Archibuld conference on architecture challenges to be held

In an initiative to bring together engineers, consultants, architects, town-planers and builders, the second edition of a three-day conference ‘Archibuild’ is to be organised from Friday by the PHD Chamber and Indian Institute of Architects here at Himachal Bhawan. The title of the conference is ‘Chandigarh-a planned city-issues and challenges’ and around 60 exhibitors and 5,000 participants are expected at the event.

“Chandigarh is a 60 year-old-city with many changes that have come over the years. The purpose it has been chosen as the focus city is to initiate discussion to transform it into a green city and a solar city,” says Surinder Bahga, local head of the Indian Institute of Architects.

In a press conference held today, the organisers spoke about the issues related to urban planning and development that have been chosen for the lectures because they are contemporary in nature. It was highlighted that the Indian Green Building Council has more than 12 green buildings under construction and even though there is publicity regarding the constructing of such buildings, the builders are scared to take initiative.

“The input cost for constructing a green building is more while it is recovered over time and there are certain parameters that need to be fulfilled to get a green rating for the building that is causing skepticism amongst builders,” said Vikram Sahgal, Chairman of Chandigarh Committee at PHD Chamber.

The need for more government incentive to promote green technologies was also highlighted. The speakers said that parameters have been specified and quantified recently but some builders have long been using green material as a part of construction plan since earlier and must be further encouraged by streamlining the formalities for them.

Issues and challenges

Bahga said that a major issue facing development in the region is that of illegal mining and the urgent need to stop it. “This is a macro issue and a political one as there exists a nexus between the politicians, police and the miners and the environment is being put at stake for private interests,” said Bahga.

The experts thought that the various parts of the Chandigarh have their own local issues. “The Metro is the biggest issue facing the city of Chandigarh at present as half of the architects are speaking against it,” said Bahga. According to him, the other problem facing the city is that of the slums with the 12 lakh people in the city, 4 lakh being slum dwellers. “We are looking at policies and advices to be suggested to the government to deal with the problem of eradication of slums,” added Sharma. He further said that another challenge at hand is to devise a way forward to transform Chandigarh into a solar city.

The issues that will be taken up during the technical sessions include city planning, periphery issues, new building materials and technologies, traffic concerns, heritage safeguarding, water conservation, and solid waste management.


Source: The Indian Express

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