Vietnam: model for green housing promoted in the country

A conference entitled “Green Housing in Vietnam: between Tradition and Modernity” opened at the Goethe Institute in Hanoi on October 16.

The two-day event is being attended by leading experts and scientists from Vietnam and Germany, as well as representatives from ministries, agencies, and businesses.

Participants discussed ways to promote new housing designs to save energy and adapt to the changing climate conditions in Vietnam.

Dr. Mechael Waibei, a senior specialist from Hamburg University in Germany, said that environmentally-friendly housing will save costs in the medium and long-term, and that the concept of a “green house” in Vietnam goes along with a “green” lifestyle.

Dr. Waibei highlighted a design handbook for green housing produced by a Vietnam-German working group that aims to reduce the Southeast Asian country’s carbon footprint.

He stressed the need to develop new consumption habits that promote environmentally-friendly lifestyles. The handbook provides guidelines for construction materials as well as overall designs and ways to change consumer attitudes to minimize environmental impact and increase energy efficiency.

Dr. Phuong Hoang Kim from the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) introduced the National Target Program on Energy Efficiency and Conservation (VNEEP), which aims to reduce energy consumption by 5-8 percent as of 2015.

He said that the MoIT plans to launch two competitions on energy efficiency and management in 2012 to raise public awareness of energy conservation.

Executive Director of the Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC) Yannick Millet says there is a growing demand for construction in Vietnam, which is also one of countries most vulnerable to climate change. Therefore, developing a green housing model is very important to protect the environment and improve people’s health.

However, he said, it is necessary for the country to create a detailed roadmap for green development.

Delegates at the conference also touched upon other issues related to developing green architecture, adapting to climate change and energy-saving construction in tropical countries, including Vietnam.


Source: VietnamNet Bridge

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