Singapore : BCA and Microsoft’s partnership to leverage data analytics for smart green buildings


Singapore has established itself as one of the most industrially vibrant and innovative-driven countries in the world today in terms of its built environment. Growing concerns over the effects of climate change has become a top priority for the city-state to take actionable measures in the building sector as buildings in Singapore consume about one-third of the nation’s electricity.

To facilitate sustainable energy in the building sector, the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) has just announced a partnership with Microsoft during the Build Eco Expo Asia 2016 last week to launch the New Chiller Efficiency Smart Portal. Given that chiller plants consume half of a building’s energy, improvements made for chiller plant efficiency will prove to be of great potential to reduce the impact of buildings on their environment.

The New Chiller Efficiency Smart Portal acts as an IoT solution for facility managers to monitor a portfolio of buildings, in addition to providing analysis tools, according to Mr. Ang Kian Seng, Group Director and Environmental Sustainability Group at BCA.

The pilot project combines sensors with data analytics to power the Chiller Efficiency Smart Portal. It will cater to 30 commercial and institutional buildings over a two-year period aimed at improving chiller plant efficiency.

Powered by Microsoft Azure, the pilot project helps smart building managers and owners gain insight and take pre-emptive actions for greater energy efficiency of buildings. After the pilot project is completed at the end of 2017, the Portal will become an integral part of Singapore’s Green Mark scheme.

The way the portal works is through machine learning and automatic base-lining that uploads chiller plant performance data such as power, water flow rate, temperature, to the Portal. Since it is designed to cater to different chiller plant systems, the Portal can help detect chiller plant performance deviations that may potentially result in energy wastages.

According to Foo Jong Tong, Public Sector Director of Microsoft Singapore, this innovative digital transformation process (The New Chiller Efficiency Smart Portal) will not only strengthen BCA’s push towards becoming a global leader in green buildings, but it is also a significant step towards building a better and more sustainable future for the people in Singapore.

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