A sustainable zero-carbon lighthouse in China


A zero-carbon office building in China, the Nanjing Green Lighthouse, has recently been completed by Archiland International. This energy-efficient building is designed as a pilot project in the Nanjing High Tech Zone for sustainable urban development.

Energy consumption in the Nanjing Green Lighthouse is lowered through the use of daylighting, passive solar design and energy-efficient technologies to below 25 KwH per meter square annually.

The 5,500 sqm circular facade is optimized by operable openings and daylight horizontal reflectors to ensure minimal exposure to the sun’s direct heat while maximizing access to soft natural light, as well as letting in fresh air to all floors.


The interiors are dominated by the color white, which reflects light to make the workspaces free airy and bright. The furniture sports a colorful contrast to the surface surrounding, while lush plantings of vertical vegetation creates an eye-catching green environment.

According to the design firm Archiland International, the Nanjing Green Lighthouse is stated as one of China’s first zero-carbon buildings.

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