India : Hyderabad’s IT hub goes green

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The green building movement in India has gained tremendous momentum over the past years. Today, a majority of all construction projects in Hyderabad, known for being India’s IT hub, are filled with energy-efficient and appealing buildings.

There’s about 63 registered buildings among 250 IGBC-rated green building projects in Hyderabad, according to data retrieved from the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). Most of these high-rise buildings are completed with sustainable features such as vertical gardens (a method of urban gardening for planting on walls) and ‘sunpipe’ installations, which are aluminium structures used to transfer natural light into dark rooms.

Harshit Jain, an IT professional, said that there’s an increasing need to use renewable energy in order to power campus buildings. Solar-powered lights are also used as substitutes for overhead lights in a campus located in Lingampally, which had already received the Platinum rating by IGBC.

Experts say that there’s rapid growth in India’s green building construction compared to five years ago, where there still lacks the application for green features. The main reason for this is due to pricing.

According to S Srinivas, deputy executive director at CII Godrej GBC, buildings in the city are now installed with the combination of wind-solar Hybrid Technology driven turbines with electrical capacity of 1 KW and 1.5 KW. The technology guarantees circulation of renewable energy through the use of solar power during the day and wind power during the night.

Several companies in the IT belt are also trying to copy the evaporative cooling system – a system that had been already installed by the Ascendas VIT campus. The evaporative cooling system allows for water to be sprayed onto condensers of air-conditioners, enhancing the power and efficiency of the device by nearly 20%.

Furthermore, the campus also makes use of waste-recycling materials for furniture, such as Bagasse material for desks and chairs. Sewage and waste treatment plants are installed in this campus as well.

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