India : Government buildings required to follow green building concept


According to an announcement made by India’s public works department (PWD) regarding green buildings, construction of all new and renovated government buildings in the country will need to follow a “green building” concept.

A state officer explained that “designing and planning of all buildings under the jurisdiction of state government should be prepared for a green concept. Plans to renovate existing buildings should also be prepared using the concept and be done by utilizing renewable energy in the buildings from now onwards”.

The pressure in the environment and natural resources, especially for India’s large-scale building construction sector, was the main reason to push forward with the decision.

The Public Works Department (PWD) officers added that one construction project resulted in exponential electricity, polluted the water and also emitted harmful toxins in the air which contained 50 percent of chlorofluorocarbon and greenhouse gases.

The officials mention that they are looking for eco-friendly and resource-efficient design structures that have minimize environment damage. Green building practices such as solar power creation, rainwater harvesting and minimal waste produce will help building structures reach the stature.

India’s green buildings have gone through audits conducted by LEED, one of the most popular green building certification programs used worldwide and GRIHA, India’s national green building rating system.

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