Thailand: New SCG Headquarters Held as Example of Green Development


Siam Cement Group’s (SCG) newest building was praised by Chamroen Tipayapongtada, the governor of Phuket, for integrating green concepts and technologies into it’s design. the praise came during Thailand’s Phuket & Southern Thailand FM and green building Seminar.

Panupan Papan, an SCG management executive, explained that the company moved into its new headquarters on its 100th anniversary. He stated that a green building is defined by its sustainability, and emphasised the importance of finding a balance between the needs of society, the environment, and the economy.

The design of the new building had as a main goal to limit the energy needs for the regulation of its temperature, lighting, and water consumption. Mr. Panupan also added that by Thailand being a tropical island, it is important for developers to incorporate their designs into the environment, rather than the other way around. He believes that clearing forests or building on gradients, which promotes erosion, are examples of undesirable building practices.

Finally, he advocated for the use of bamboo, stone, recycled metal, and other renewable building materials.

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