‘Whats What’ : Green Data Centre | Green Building Council Indonesia | Idris F.Sulaiman

“What’s What” an exclusive video series by AsiaGreenBuildings that provides insight about the latest green building trends and jargons.

In our pilot episode, Green Building Council Indonesia’s Idris Sulaiman describes what “Green Data Centre” is and what makes them.

“Green Data Centre” appears as an answer to the problem most data centres pose – high power consumption, high energy cooling solutions, costly power outtakes, and high operating costs.

Idris Sulaiman is the Project Cordinator for Green Building Council Indonesia and Energy Efficiency in Buildings Lab 2.0 and Advisor, External Technical for Energy, Buildings, & ICT.


About Green Building Council Indonesia

Green Building Council Indonesia (GBC Indonesia) is an independent organization established in 2009 by professionals in design and construction industry who are concerned about green building practices. The main focus of GBC Indonesia is to pursue the socialization and transformation of sustainable green principles, particularly in building construction industry in Indonesia.

GBC Indonesia is an Emerging Member of World Green Building Council (WorldGBC).

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