Singapore : New Green Data Centre


Aiming to accommodate a wide range of customer deployments, from cloud service providers to financial service customers, Digital Realty Trust Inc. has opened Digital Loyang Way, the company’s new data centre in Singapore.

With a span of around 177,000 square feet, the new data centre was built with high efficiency designs and technology. Thanks to the ambitious power usage effectiveness (PUE) targets, which support 13.2 megawatts of IT load, and the eco-friendly data centre design and practices, it will raise the bar of sustainability for Singapore data centres.

According to A. William Stein, Digital Realty’s Chief Executive Officer, the launch of the new data centre will help address a growing demand for agile, open, and connected data centre solutions from customers from around the world.

BCA has given BCA-IDA Green Mark Platinum certification to the new Digital Loyang Way, as well as the Jurong Facility, for their meaningful role in driving sustainability in Singapore.

Edward Higase, Managing Director of Digital Realty Asia Pacific added that their goal is to support Singapore’s Smart Nation Initiative to build a smarter and more energy-efficient city by building sustainable data centres to support the future digital economy.

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