Singapore: HDB launches Greenprint initiative

The Housing and Development Board’s plan to bring sustainable and eco-friendly living to existing public housing estates has officially been launched.

Known as HDB’s Greenprint, the initiative was launched by Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office and Adviser to Yuhua Grassroots Organisation, Ms Grace Fu, at the first HDB Greenprint exhibition on Saturday.

The exhibition is being held in Jurong East’s Yuhua neighbourhood to engage and educate residents on the plans to turn their estate into a “Green Neighbourhood.”

Thirty-eight blocks in Yuhua will be part of the pilot project.

The plan for the pilot precinct will cost S$18 million. Of this, S$1 million will be set aside to establish a Greenprint community test-bedding fund that allows the public to propose ideas and solutions to further enhance green living.

Work will be carried out in phases over the next two years.

A Pneumatic Refuse Collection System will be installed for better waste management.

Rubbish thrown down the chute will be automatically sucked through underground pipes into centralised collection areas. This will also improve hygiene and cut down manpower by about 70 per cent.

Some inconveniences can be expected when construction begins next year, but residents seem to take it in their stride.

Seah Cheong Hwa, a Yuhua resident, said: “The rubbish chute is very dirty. (With) this new technology, (it will be) cleaner for us.”

Richard See, another Yuhua resident, said: “We can save more electrical energy, water (with these changes).”

Teh Poh Suan, director of the Centre of Excellence for Building Research at HDB’s Building Research Institute, said: “Having to bear with these short-term inconveniences, the long-term benefits is that they’ll get to enjoy a cleaner, greener, living environment.”

Secure bicycle parking facilities will also be installed to encourage eco-friendly modes of transportation.

Residents can also expect more greenery on rooftops and the walls of flats to help cool the ambient temperature.

HDB also hopes to get residents on board.

“There’s only that much we can do outside the flat. We’d like energy-saving initiatives to go inside the flat and change the lifestyle of Singaporeans. For us to change the infrastructure is the first step, to change all the way to how we behave and how we live our lives is an important next step,” said Ms Fu.

The exhibition will travel to three other places in the Yuhua estate over the next few weeks.


Source: Channel News Asia

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