The role of data in sustainable building design | dwp|suters | Rory Martin

Rory Martin shares his insights on the role of data in sustainable building design, the tricks in pursuing a cost-effective sustainable design for buildings and the future opportunities of green buildings in the Asian Market.

For many years, building modelling tools have been very helpful when making decisions related to the selection of alternative designs which can lead to a more sustainable building.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is about generating and managing intelligent information about buildings throughout its lifecycle.The adoption of BIM is expected to expand, driven by the rising demand in the number of sustainable building designs. BIM adoption can become a solution for a company’s infrastructural development.

Rory Martin is the National Sustainability Leader at DWP Suters.


This exclusive interview is facilitated under a Media Partnership with the International Green Building Conference 2015, at which Rory Martin was a speaker.


More about dwp|suters

dwp|suters are award winning architects and interior designers who create exceptional places for life, work and community.  dwp|suters combines the design flair of one of Asia’s most innovative international design companies, dwp; with over 50 years of award winning design expertise from one of Australia’s top ten architecture practices, Suters.

With the accredited Green star professionals ensure it have an informed, intelligent approach to sustainable design for every project. By adopting an environmentally responsive approach for each project, they not only minimise impact on the environment and local infrastructure; but also reduce ongoing recurrent costs for their clients and building operators. dwp|suters is also the forefront of the implementation of BIM in Australia and as industry leaders we are a leading catalyst for change.

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