China : Getting to know the country’s tallest green building structure


After taking nearly eight years to complete, the basement of China’s tallest Building ‘The Shanghai Tower’ will have its doors open to the public this Wednesday.  There will be an opening ceremony for the basement which will house an exhibition on skyscrapers and a five-story annex to signify the upcoming completion of the building structure.

The Shanghai Tower is a 632 meters skyscraper that holds up to 127-stories in downtown Shanghai, making it the second tallest building in the world after Dubai’s Burj Khalifa (828 meters). Costing around 14.8 billion yuan (USD 2.28 billion) in building construction, this tower will accommodate a hotel, offices, museum and art gallery as well as a venue for conferences and exhibitions.

An observation deck on the 119th floor will open in a few months ahead of the building’s official opening this month, as mentioned by Ge Qing, deputy general manager of Shanghai Tower Construction and Development Co. (the building’s owner and developer).

Ge Qing added that this building will provide the world’s fastest elevators, which can move at speeds of more than 18 meters per second. Visitors will also get to experience reaching the 119th floor in less than 55 seconds.

According to Jian Danian, deputy head of Shanghai’s Pudong New District, the tower is expected to be a place to work, visit and shop for tens of thousands of people when it is fully opened.

As for the building’s exterior facade, this skyscraper uses more than 20,000 pieces of glass covering 220,000 square meters with a ‘double skin’ concept integrated to it. This is what makes its essentially a green building – the double layer of glass in which the spaces between the two layers provide more insulation, thereby keeping  the building warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The implementation of a real-time electricity consumption monitoring function for the energy automation system also saves up to 10 per cent of total energy use, making the Shanghai tower the tallest green building in the country.

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