Redefining Hong Kong’s Waterfront


“Redefining Hong Kong’s Waterfront” aims to explore opportunities and propose an aspirational vision for Hong Kong’s Waterfront. Historically the development and reclamation of the harbour has separated the built environment from the natural one. With every period of reclamation, pedestrian access and flow to the waterfront has been greatly restricted.

“Redefining Hong Kong’s Waterfront” seeks to stimulate active discussions on how to establish a more ecological way of living.R edefining Hong Kong’s Waterfront” is a visionary concept for Hong Kong that had developed from 10 DESIGN’s exhibition “Reclamation” at the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Biennale in 2013/2014.

“Reclamation” led to several meetings with the Hong Kong Planning Department, the Civil Engineering and Development Department, key stakeholders of the Hong Kong 2030+ Implementation Plan, and multiple other government and private organisations regarding the implications of urban and vertical farming in Hong Kong. In response to an invitation to the Wise City Symposium, organised by the French Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the Hong Kong Government, on integrated waterfront design in Hong Kong, 10 DESIGN developed this concept further to address other masterplanning, resilience, and urban issues along Hong Kong Central Harbourfront.

10 DESIGN’s vision for the Central Harbourfront presents the opportunity to create an iconic waterfront that combines the needs of a vibrant city and flourishing tourism industry while addressing the diverse challenges of the 21st century. The vision for the waterfront invites residents and tourists alike with a variety of destinations, pathways, and opportunities to relax, play, work, shop, learn, and grow. Bicycle paths, eateries, a museum and cultural centre, fish ponds and vertical farm centre, as well as parks, farmers’ market, hotel, retail, and even a beach are just some of the facilities include.

About 10 DESIGN

10 DESIGN is a leading international Partnership of Architectural, Urban, Landscape and Interior Designers and Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) specialists. They have spent thelast two decades working in the emerging Asian and Middle Eastern markets and have established a reputation and brand name within the industry. The founding of 10 DESIGN was a result of the Partners’ aspiration to create multicultural projects with architectural, economic, environmental and social integrity.

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