International Green Energy Expo 2016

New generation energy exhibition, ‘International Green Energy Expo‘ will run from Apr.6 to 8 at EXCO to show the concrete effort which is based on the global market and technology and cope with the climate change.

As Green Energy Expo greets its 13th exhibition, 250 domestic companies and 800 booth will attend it and show the direction of new industry through by the professionals and great scholars in new generation energy field.

After the Paris Climate Change Conference, Korean government decided to expand the energy R&D investment(1.5 trillion won), based on the clean energy, to two times bigger in five years. So domestic and international companies will showcase the new technology and products at this exhibition.

International Green Energy Exop & Conference 2016 will be the arena for global and domestic companies of new generation energy so that it’s notable for local companies’ innovative technology and products.

Key international companies are SCHMID of German global company for electric devices and power gird field, JA Solar from China which is a high efficiency and solar module manufacturer and ABB from Swiss which is a professional company for electric devices and smart grid. Domestic companies like Shinsung Solar which completes the vertical systemization of high efficiency solar battery, module and construction more than 19%, BJ Power that developed and commerced the color solar battery and module at the Korea’s first and Sun-Power that is a professional company for variable solar structure production and construction will attend the exhibition, including Kepco, Kogas and Daesung Energy.

Especially we must note local companies’ innovative technology and products which is headquartered in Daegu-Gyeongbuk. Poongsan Environment Technology Corporation will show high efficiency energy storage device ‘Hi-ESS, fan-air conditioner without refrigerant and outdoor fan and air conditioning and heating system. Arstroma developed Co2 air sampling technology which utilizes the separation film. SJ Innotech which is the professional solar cell printing company and produces screen printing equipment in implant method and Luxco which expands electric and electron equipment and solar modules for industrial plant facilities to EPC section are notable. Techen which leads LED market and Jaejin that makes eco-friendly street lamps are also be exhibited.

Daegu Metropolitan City will show ‘The Three New Energy Industries,’ including distributed power energy self-sufficiency city, national industrial complex block-typed micro grid business of construction and smart grid spreading business which are all be started at the first half year of 2016 and will showcase ‘Ulleungdo Eco-Friendly Energy Independent Island’ project which is applied to Gyeongsangbuk-do provice’s microgrid. Various attractions, which is actively propelled by Daegu and Gyeongbuk provice, like futuristic and eco-friendly, electric, hybrid and clean disel car will be provided in the special room with DIY self generation electricity project ‘Solar Mini Plant.’

International Green Energy Conference will run energy conferences like fuel cell, wind power, hydraulic power, resource guide and coal gas, including global solar market site. They also explain the international trend from market, technology to policy and financial that domestic and global professionals attended. GPVC 2016 that 500 people from 12 nations will be run by Professor Jinho Park of Yeongnam University. ‘Daegu climate change and heat wave workshop’ of which subject is Daegu’s heatwave and ‘Innovation Program’ of participants are also notable.

At this year, doctor Hoeseong Lee of UN-affiliated organizations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate, professor Christian Breyer Lappeenranta of University of Technology from Finland, doctor Kanan Ramanathan of STION from U.S.A., Ralf B. Wehrspohn of Fraunhofer and executive director Chungho Lee of LG Electronics.

Export consulting conference between buyers from 100 companies of 15 nations and exhibition companies will be opened, hosted by KOTRA and Pohang Techno Park. ‘Wind Mind’ from Netherlands which is hosted by embassy of Netherlands and ‘Haecheon’ from Jeju island, Korea will have a cooperation establishment ceremony that is a cooperation business for offshore wind turbine between Korea and Netherlands. ‘New Generation Energy Business and Turkey Direct Investment Conference’ which is hosted by Financial Services Sector in Turkey will also be run.

After 21th L’AFRIQUE S’ENGAGE’s plan to reduce the greenhouse gas reduction on December 2015, new generation energy industry have increased the atmosphere, generated by International Solar Association which includes 121 countries like France and India. Though the domestic companies have undergone the difficult depression period, they look forward to the surplus. This year’s Green Energy Expo will be the turning point that opens the golden age in new generation energy industry again.

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