India : Lucknow Metro Station strives for Platinum Rating


Aiming to receive a Platinum rating, the highest level in the Indian Green Buildings Council’s (IGBC) green rating system, the MRTS (mass rapid transit system) of Lucknow Metro Station has implemented green initiatives which include LED lights, planting 300 trees inside the depot and the use of energy efficient power. To attain a platinum rating, a metro will need 72 or more points out of 90 to qualify, as per IGBC’s set standards.

By using regenerative braking in trains, Luckynow Metro station saves 30-35% of electrical energy. The station has also installed LED lights and 1.5- 2MW electricity of solar panels across all the stations. Designed using cutting edge technology, Lucknow Metro station uses VVVF drive for lifts and escalators, an energy saving equipment.

According to IGBC experts, nine stations on 8 km priority corridor of Lucknow Metro will attain the platinum rating. IGBC is working closely with LMRC aiming for the platinum status in 3-4 months for its first nine stations. All of Lucknow’s stations on 23 km North-South corridor have been registered for MRTS green rating, said  M. Anand, IGBC Hyderabad principal council.

Kumar Keshav, LMRC Managing Director added that they have been trying to achieve the set standards by IGBC as early as when construction had first begun. A consultant was even hired to guide them to adopt the best global practices. Lucknow metro is already at 65 points as per IGBC requirements but aim to increase its points to 72 to achieve platinum rating.

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