China : Green cities road map revealed



A road map aimed for more liveable, efficient and greener cities in China has been unveiled. With this new guideline, the growth of cities will be monitored to tackle several problems such as traffic, pollution, and public safety hazard.

In addition, a number of changes will be made, such as having more green belts and urban parks that are free for public use, greater protection of historical sites through regular repair and renovation, more investment in public transportation systems, encouragement in the use of prefabricated buildings to cut down construction waste, and lastly to minimalize illegal structural architecture.

Issued by the China’s State Council in the cabinet, Mr. Chen Zhenggao, minister of housing and urban rural development, said that the documents were based on the research by his ministry and other related departments.

In regards to China’s environment, Beijing has just announced plans to develop a network of ventilation “corridors” to improve the air quality in mitigating climate issues since late November. In efforts to reduce carbon emissions in the cities, the new urban planning blueprints will shift to cleaner fuel.

The construction sector will also benefit from the new guidelines as there will be more suitable, economic and green urban architecture. Sustainable techniques will also be implemented, like generating less waste and using fewer resources. Regarding this issue, China plans the inspect and clear up illegal construction in 5 years. China aims to get 30 per cent of new fabricated buildings within 10 years time.

To combat traffic jams problems, China also plans to expand public transport networks such as buses and railways, aiming to raise the penetration of public transport to 40 per cent in megacities, 30 per cent in big cities, and 20 per cent in medium sized and small cities.


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