Smart City Business Drivers, Technologies, Companies, And Solutions: Global Outlook And Forecasts 2015 – 2020

Tablet and city

Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) are transforming at a rapid rate, driven by urbanization, industrialization of emerging economies, smart city initiatives, and certain key technologies including Big Data and broadband wireless. 5G in particular will drive massive innovation, particularly in an urban environment.

Smart City development is emerging as a focal point for growth drivers in several key ICT areas including: M2M/IoT, Connected Devices, Broadband Wireless, Cloud Computing, Big Data and Analytics. The manufacturing industry is rapidly transforming as technology, competition, and the evolving demands of global consumers dictate the need for continuously improving efficiencies and flexibility. Significant impact from ICT include machine communications, teleoperation, and integration with IoT.

Source: Research and Markets


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