Global Smart City Projects by World Region, Market Segment, Technology, and Application


The number of smart city projects being implemented around the world has rapidly expanded over the past few years. Increasingly, cities are moving from one specific technology interest to a broader range of solutions that have multiple applications. City leaders, central government ministries, and technology and service suppliers have announced a range of new projects, incentives, and product and service offerings. New national programs—particularly those from the United States and India—demonstrate the commitment large economic players are making toward smarter cities.

The market is also seeing an increase in innovations from suppliers in terms of the products and solutions they are offering, as well as the partnerships they are forming with cities and other stakeholders.

This report provides an assessment of the current state of smart city development around the globe. The report covers five key industry sectors as they relate to smart cities: smart energy, smart water, smart transportation, smart buildings, and smart government. It also looks across these sectors at projects that address multiple aspects of city operations. The 235 projects included in this Tracker are segmented by region and by primary industry sector. Roughly 85% of the projects are focused on issues related to energy, transportation, or government.

Source: NavigantResearch


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