China : The future of Hongqiao CBD’s low-carbon transportation hub



The U.S. Green Building Council, or better known as USGBC, has announced their strategic partnership with Hongqiao Central Business District (CBD) in Shanghai, China, to transform the entire CBD area into a low-carbon and green construction community, and also to transform Shanghai into an international trade center in the Yangtze River Delta (YRD) region. According to the administrative committee led by CPC Commitee Secretary and Executive Deputy Director Mr. Min Shilin, the partnership aims to further bolster and support the CBD’s sustainability goals.

There are currently nine projects in CBD which pursues LEED certification until now. All projects in CBD must achieve a minimum standard of China 2 Star requirements. LEED and the China Green Building Standard are both rating systems being used across the project in a variety of buildings to attract new tenants, elevate the quality of life for the community and scale up the value and market demand for healthier, higher-performing green buildings in China.

The district’s leaders are also exploring the possibility of incorporating LEED for “Neighborhood Development” and “LEED City”, and integrating their advanced performance management system into USGBC’s LEED Dynamic Plaque.

Built in 2009, Hongqiao Central Business District (CBD) covers an area of 86 square kilometers and integrates several other districts within its vicinity. The CBD’s core area of 4.7 square kilometers surrounds the Hongqiao transport hub. The project’s vision is to create an eco-friendly environment where businesses thrive, commerce flows easily, jobs are created, people’s health improves, and also conserve the environment for the future generation.

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