China : Green architecture certificate for Shanghai Tower


Known to be the world’s second tallest and China’s tallest building, the Shanghai Tower, located in the Lujiazui finance area of Pudong New District, had recently received a green architecture certification from the US Green Building Council on 27 November 2015 for its sustainable design.

According to the building’s designer, the 632 meter tall 132 stories high building incorporates green architecture such as glass facade which features a 120 degree twist that rises to reduce the wind loads on the building by 24  percent and cuts cost by 350 million yuan.

The Sanghai Tower, with total floor area of 578,000 sqm, is equipped with wind turbines near the top that can generate up to 1.19 million kWh of supplementary electric power every year while the rainwater collector can recycle 20,000 cubic meters of rainwater every year. There’s also smart lighting technology in the office areas which automatically adjust to available daylight to reduce energy consumption.

Started in 2008, the construction of the tower has been completed and is now getting ready for operation, local authorities said.

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