India : 10 million sq ft of green building

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In order to promote eco-friendly construction and a greener city development, Gujarat Institute of Housing & Estate Developers (GIHED) and Indian Green Building Council together have announced the 10 million square feet of green building footprint development in the next three years. The market potential for this project is estimated to be  worth $300 billion for green building products and technologies by 2025.

According to Prem C Jain, Chairman of IGBC, they envision the facilitation of 10 million sq ft of registered green building footprint. For India, the green building progression has achieved a significant movement with around 3,400 projects, making India the second country in the world with the largest green building footprint to date.

Hari Sankaran, the Vice Chairman and MD, IL & FS, said that the project of the green city will need to focus on various aspects of green technology and in the process, address ecological issues and concerns.

Talking about green cities, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has opted for more vertical and very little horizontal space. AMC is working towards sustainable & efficient power and water management system without compromising the city’s growth rate. D Thara, Municipal Commissioner of AMC, also added that the implementation of proper planning will lead to the development of better, more smarter green city.

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