India : Smart City plans firm up

smart city india

Urban Development Ministry will be evaluating the first 20 cities of  India’s smart city plan based on their credibility, feasibility and citizen engagement.

According to M Venakaiah Naidu, senior Urban Development Ministry official, the Smart city mission are currently engaged in preparation of the Smart City plan for evaluation. There are around 98 identified mission cities for evaluation  for the second stage that is to be submitted by December 15.

For the second stage, the evaluation criteria will include the weightage of 30 out of 100 marks for implementation frameworks, including feasibility and the efficiency of cost, 20 for result orientation, 16 for citizen consultant for identifying goals, 10 for smartness of solutions, and 10 for adoption of SWOT analysis for preparation of the strategic plan.

The city mission will be based on the 20 per cent weightage of  level criteria, 50 percent of area based development features and increasing pan-city solutions from 10 to 15 percent.

It is mandatory to engage with the citizens for identifying smart city objectives and evolving strategic plan under city-level criteria, depending on development area for features and plan city solutions.

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