Samsung aims to lead global AC market through energy efficiency technology


Samsung aims to capture USD 10 billion of annual sales by 2020 through their recent air conditioning technologies. The new products, named 360 Cassette, DVM S 30HP and DVM S Eco14HP, are equipped with the latest technologies that can operate more efficiently and support sustainability practices. These were launched during the Samsung AC Forum 2015 in late Oct 2015.

BK Yoon, Samsung’s President and CEO of Consumer Electronic Business, emphasizes that Samsung intends to be the leader of air solutions business with regards to these new offerings. Global air conditioning market is projected to reach around $24 billion by 2020, and Samsung is ambitiously targeting to capture 40% of it.

The new products are said to be transforming air conditioning by boosting energy efficiency and performance, maximizing space, and increasing cooling speed.

The New 360 Cassette AC is able to minimize air volume loss by 25% – the first in the world – and increase cooling speed by 34%. This would result in faster time and less energy needed to adjust room temperature as required.


Samsung also released a couple of Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) products, the DVM (Digital Variable Multi) chillers – acting as cooling systems for big structures and buildings with a number of features that help increase building performance.

DVM S Eco 14HP can improve heating performance by 20 percent and increases air flow by 10 percent compared to standard unit and technology. The product delivers optimized refrigerant control, enabling 2.5% and 4% increase in performance and efficiency, respectively.

On the other hand, DVM S 30HP increases the heat exchange area while an optimized refrigerant control delivers greater efficiency (by 10%) and a new oval-shaped diffuser application improves the airflow path and increases the airflow rate by 17 percent.

The rolled out plan above seems to validate the projected future of green building that seems to revolve around higher performance HVAC system, more energy efficient features, and smart technologies.

To achieve the ambitious revenue goal in the AC segment by 2020, Samsung plans to collaborate with the world renowned experts, architects, and professors on various projects to incorporate their latest AC technologies and integrate them with the Internet of Things (IoT) for future living spaces.


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