Green Building Materials Market to Rise at 13.21% CAGR to 2019 Driven by Govt. Tax Benefit Offers


The Global Green Building Materials Market 2015-2019 – Industry Analysis says green building market witnessed a healthy growth of 12.81% in 2014 with rise in green building construction and government initiatives promoting sustainable environment propelling the growth.

The green building materials market is witnessing an increase in the adoption from the healthcare segment, and although it is still in the nascent stage in the APAC region, Europe and the Americas emerged as the early adopters of green building materials. According to the report, many countries, notably the US, Singapore, India, Australia, France, and Malaysia, have framed policies to support green building construction. Increased demand for green building materials has also been witnessed in the commercial and office buildings and residential buildings segments. The major factor contributing to this demand is rising awareness about the benefits of green buildings, which in turn is driving investment in green commercial building construction.

The tax benefits offered by the governments of various countries to encourage construction of green buildings will foster demand for green building materials during the forecast period. The market size has been calculated based on the total revenue generated from consumption of green building materials. The forecast is based on government initiatives across different countries toward green building construction and rising demand from end-users. Further, the report states that green building materials are usually materials that are recycled from industrial or construction waste, therefore its scarce availability poses a threat to the growth of this market. It discusses the major drivers that influence the growth of the market.


Source: PR Newswire


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