Japan: Edogawa Garage Club receives a modern woven shade screen facelift

Located in Edogawa, Tokyo, the Edogawa Garage Club is a renovated warehouse with a modern new perforated metal screen skin. The owners with the help of Jun’ichi Ito Architect Associates decided to update the building rather than tear it down as a way of reducing CO2 emissions. Inspiration for the facelift came from rippling water and nature itself. The metal screen reflects nature and its surroundings and responds to the changing light throughout the day.

The new metal screen exterior is composed of a series of modular perforated metal panels that weave back and forth. Offset from the building slightly, the new facade provides many benefits for the building. First, the screens allow breezes to blow through and around reducing the building’s temperature and the need for additional cooling. Second, natural daylight can still pass through the screen and into the windows. Third, the screen provides additional security for the warehouse and keeps prying eyes from knowing what is inside. Finally, the screen is more aesthetically pleasing than the original warehouse facade and improves the look of the area.

Source: Inhabitat

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