Malaysia: green building certification to be made mandatory, calls Holcim

KUALA LUMPUR: Holcim Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a cement producer, has called for the green building certification to be made mandatory in the country.

Holcim said it believed that the certification was an effective tool in boosting sustainable construction activities and development in Malaysia.

Its chief executive officer, Mahanama Ralapanawa, said the certification system would ensure that green construction materials and practices were adopted industry-wide, with the emphasis on efficient use of energy, materials and resource consumption.

He said the concept of sustainable construction needed to be grasped fast, especially by industry players, simply because the current practices were not sustainable.

“Developing green buildings is relatively new not just in Malaysia, but throughout Asia.

“However, awareness on the importance of green buildings is growing,” he said.

The principle of sustainable development encompasses social, environmental and economic issues, entailing concern for the present and future generations.

Ralapanawa said while major strides were being seen in the building materials sector, irresponsible choices were still being made, partly due to a lack of awareness and cost considerations.

He said the recent announcements of the Johor Waterfront City and Mersing Laguna developments, as well as further expansion of Iskandar Malaysia, called for an urgent need for the government to migrate its development strategy to inculcate sustainability, particularly of the environment.


Source: Business Times

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