Philippines : Mandaue City receives Low Carbon Model Town from APEC

Phillipines city

Mandaue City, Philippines, won the APEC’s Low Carbon Model Town over other finalist candidates from Malaysia and  Russia. The APEC award concept is aimed to encourage clean energy, green buildings, and renewable resources throughout the Asia-Pacific region, as well as provide grants to support the targeted cities to help create ‘model cities’.

Mandaue’s program of green buildings, the new green building codes for the city, and the opportunity for receiving “incentives from the city” for existing buildings’ voluntary compliance makes Mandaue an excellent position for becoming a model for others.

Although urban planning may put Mandaue City in a different position, this will help propel the city into higher series of developments. “A balance between development and sustainability will need to take place,” as said by James Abadia, Mandaue City Manager.

Mass transport, solid waste drainage, and flooding become the basic problems the city is experiencing. According to City Manager Abadia, these problems will need to be addressed and also be incorporated with the City planning as part of the balancing act between new initiatives and taking care of Mandaue.


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