APN in Green Building Awards Roadshow : SouthEast Asia Sustainable future toward green development

Asia’s role in the growth of green building and sustainable movement is rapidly increasing, and the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) has been swiftly steering actions to increase green building practices and accelerate the uptake of sustainable urban development in the region. Through the Asia Pacific Leadership (APN) in Green Building Awards, the organization acknowledges sound achievements of the industry leaders and held a roadshow in Jakarta on 21 September 2015.


The APN Roadshow in Jakarta brought about rare opportunities for Indonesian industry professionals to learn about best sustainable practices from the winners namely Esther An (Chief Sustainability Officer at City Development Limited Singapore), Mr. Phil Smith (Director at Collingridge and Smith Architects), and HC Vinayaka (Head of Technical, EHS and Sustainability).

Naning Adiwoso, the Chairperson of Green Building Council Indonesia (GBCIndo), states that the climate change issue has distinctively impacted Indonesian lands during dry season and created drought in some areas which have never happened before – validating the importance of green awareness in the region and industry urgency to tackle the issue.


Best Green Practices from Singapore, India and New Zealand

From Singapore, Esther An is awarded under the Business Leadership in Sustainability category. Her responsibility at CDL includes integrating company social responsibility (CSR) activities into their business operation in alignment with global best practices and standards, under which CDL has set out to achieve its carbon reduction targets of 22%  by 2020 and 25% by 2030. Since 1995, CDL has been adopting the ethos to “Conserve as We Construct”, with which the company receives accreditation as the world’s largest Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) application for their large scale residential development which significantly raises the standards of sustainability. CDL embraces sustainability valie as part of strategic plan to develop the city-state of Singapore and their long term business success.

In India, a series of world-class luxury hotels won the Business Leadership in Sustainability category. s addressed by HC Vinayaka from the ITC Hotels explains their company’s business principle emphasizes the congruence of ‘luxury’ and ‘sustainability’ which is reflected through their lineup of “green” hotels. These hotels are variably accredited with LEED due to its wide range of sustainability performances and features.

ITC shows their consistency on the green and sustainable movement. Over time, 58% of their total electrical energy demand has been met through renewable sources (wind and solar). Their solar panels can generate hot water to address as much as needs for over 6,000 families on average, they have reduced water consumption by more than 50% over the last 5 years, and almost 100% of their solid waste is either reused or recycled.

In New Zealand, Phil Smith was accredited under the Leadership in Sustainable Design and Performance category for his Te Mirumiru Childcare Centre design in New Zealand. His project emphasizes the importance of integrating cultural and sustainability values into his architectural design.

temiru 1

Te miru 2

Te Mirumiru’s design concept is based on the New Zealand’s Maori traditional value, which believes that all life is interconnected. Their architecture is rich in symbolism, of which artistic forms are derived from nature. In Te Mirumiru project, this cultural principle is translated through a womb-like land shape, with the building forming just like a baby within – all of which picturing as if the building literally grows out of the land.

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