Indonesia : ‘Green Building Assessment’ for Building Permit


Ridwan Kamil, the mayor of Bandung City in Indonesia, had just announced the city will soon make a regulation relating to the ‘Green Building’ trends as one of the requirements for obtaining a City Building Permit known as “Izin Mendirikan Bangunan” or IMB. This settlement is shifting towards previous regulations without the binding on the green building construction concept.

This Major regulation is intended as an action support for energy efficiency saving in the middle increasing amount of the city development and for aiming future eco-friendly building plans.

Some of the green building requirement indicators comprise of electrical energy saving, prioritizing local resources, reducing carbon footprint emission and planting vegetation aiming for a ‘greener’ city. Increasing the green area is the most important factor in adding oxygen and also in reducing the carbon emission in the city.

Ridwan Kamil pointed out that the concept of green buildings should have been applied in a metropolitan city such as Bandung years ago. “Now that more green buildings are on the way, more energy efficient efforts can be made and so the advantage of it is that our future can be preserved”, announced Ridwan. He also added that no permit will be issued to development projects without passing a green certification.

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