General: green building booms in Southeast Asia

In recent years, a number of zero-energy-consuming green buildings began to appear one after another in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand as well as other Southeast Asian countries. A lot of green building has become building model in various regions, and are constantly “evolution” for the new building standards.

The green building extending from the “model” to the regulations

Green buildings in Singapore start early and are broad in scope, involving office buildings, residential and commercial areas. The core of green building model is governmental guide.

As early as 2005, the Construction Bureau of Singapore launched the “Green Building Model Program” aimed at ensuring the sustainability of the building environment and making the developers, designers and contractors to upgrade the environmental awareness in the project concept, design as well as the construction process.

Today, the program has become mandatory building codes. In 2011, the Construction Bureau of Singapore announced the plan to implement the Green Building Model Program on the transforming building, so that Singapore would become one of the world’s earliest countries enforcing green standard to buildings. In December 2011, on the Durban Climate Conference, Singapore was awarded the Regional Leadership Award, because of its overall plan of green building had an exemplary role in the Asia-Pacific region. At present, the experience of Singapore has been promoted to China and other countries.

The Construction Bureau of Singapore released the Green Building Model Program in 2005 and introduced the first green building blueprint in 2006, and second phase in 2009. It aims to make at least 80 percent of the building in Singapore reach green building standards in 2030, said Gap Chun-ping, Deputy Director of the Green flag of Singapore Construction Bureau of Science and Technology Development Agency.


Source: People’s Daily Online

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