Solar window, generating energy for buildings


Along with the technology development and the increased demand in energy efficiency, one of the latest green building innovations has finally arrived with focus on incorporation between solar power and window. The technology, commonly called Solar Window, produces clean electricity that would benefit both the environment and building landscape.

Today, conventional solar panels that reside in solar farms or on building rooftops can achieve a PV efficiency of 15% – 20%, and this rate is acquired according to how much photons striking a solar cell are converted into energy.

However, unlike the usual photovoltaic systems applied on buildings’ rooftop under direct sunlight, solar window is designed to mainly operated in sunlight, shaded conditions, and artificial light on the glass surfaces of buildings.

One of the solar window supplier, the New Energy Technologies, mentions that their product has electricity-generating coating on glass along with flexible plastics in different color tints. These polymer organic PV arrays are translucent and only capture UV rays which can be scaled up and have unparalleled manufacturability.

Another company producing solar window, Solaria, has partnered with Asahi Glass, a global glass manufacturer based in Tokyo to expand their market towards Asia. According to Solaria, solar windows will cost about 40% more than conventional windows with less than a year ROI, and big demands are already seen due to proliferation of the skyscrapers across different regions.

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