Singapore : BCA introduces a new Green Mark 2015


The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) has just launched a new green benchmarking scheme for non-residential buildings called the Green Mark 2015 during the International Green Building Conference on September 2, 2015.

The updated certification does not only focus on energy-efficient hardware, but also on energy effectiveness, as well as integration between energy-efficient hardwares and passive design that decrease reliance on electricity. It also focuses on boosting health of the building occupants through measures, such as sensors installation.

The BCA also added that there will be greater recognition consideration for building that incorporates renewable energy in order to accelerate the adoption of solar technology.

According to Dr. John Keung, the Chief Executive Officer of BCA, the role of Green Mark 2015 in driving and communicating sustainability outcomes in Singapore will become more prominent, as buildings consume more than 30 per cent of the total electricity. He also concluded that BCA Green Mark-certified commercial buildings continued to perform better than non-certified ones. At the moment, green building projects take up about 29 per cent (2,500 in number) of Singapore’s building stock.

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