Armacell presents environmental product declarations (EPDs) for its elastomeric insulation materials

Armaflex Sheet and tubes

Armaflex® can save an equivalent amount of energy used during its production within 6 days

Singapore, 1 Sep 2015 – Armacell is the first manufacturer of flexible elastomeric foam insulation to present environmental product declarations (EPDs) in Asia. EPDs are gaining importance in the global construction industry as they provide a transparent and reproducible analysis of the environmental impact of construction products based on independent life cycle assessments (LCA). These 3rd party declarations form the basis for designing green buildings in accordance with certification schemes such as LEED and BREEAM.

Optimal insulation is the key to energy efficiency

The construction sector is a raw-material- and energy-intensive industry. The building sector is the single, largest consumer of raw materials worldwide and the biggest producer of greenhouse gas emissions. Some 30% of all raw materials are used to build and maintain buildings, while 30 to 40% of greenhouse gases result from the construction, use or disposal of buildings. There are sometimes also targets set by the government to achieve a defined proportion of green buildings in new construction. In Singapore, the government aims to green 80% of the building stock by 2030. To meet the growing demands for energy as well as calls for climate protection, energy efficiency in the building sector is continuously improved. One of the keys to energy efficiency is insulation. Optimal technical insulation is the simplest, fastest and most cost effective measure for increasing energy efficiency.

Saving more energy in-use than during production

Insulation materials are among the few industrially made products which save more energy over its product life cycle than is needed in the manufacturing. According to the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) report, an equivalent amount of energy needed for the manufacture, transportation and disposal of Armaflex® is saved in 6 days after installation of the insulation. The EPDs certified by UL include statements about the primary energy requirement as well as information about the extent to which the products contribute to global warming, ozone layer depletion, photochemical
oxidation, acidification and eutrophication.

Transparency and commitment

“We understand the importance of providing architects, specifiers and those inviting tenders with reliable information for designing sustainable building projects. With the presentation of the environmental product declarations, we create a unique degree of transparency for our Armaflex® products. Armacell is the market leader of FEF insulation materials and we are committed towards continuously improving the environmental friendliness of our products.” explains Dr Stephen Hodson, General Manager of Marketing at Armacell Asia in Singapore.

About Armacell
Armacell is a world leader in flexible insulation foams for the equipment insulation market and also a leading provider of engineered foams. In the year 2014, the company with currently 2,600 employees generated net sales of EUR 452.2 million. With its 23 manufacturing plants in 16 countries on four continents, Armacell follows a strategy of internationalization. The company operates within two main businesses: the Advanced Insulation business develops flexible insulation foam products for the insulation of mechanical equipment. The Engineered Foams business develops and markets light foams for use in a broad range of end-markets.

In addition to Armaflex®, the world’s leading brand for flexible technical insulation, Armacell offers thermoplastic insulation materials, covering systems, fire protection and noise control solutions as well as special foams for a multitude of industrial applications. In recent years, Armacell has developed new insulation systems for the oil and gas market, core foams for composite materials, and low-smoke products that have set new standards in the industry.

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