Indonesia : Green Product Council Indonesia Launching

The world’s attention to global warming encourages various parties to undertake the sustainability movement. Indonesian development of healthy, green and sustainable city is  inspired the formation of Green Product Council Indonesia with the vision of raising the sustainability awareness, especially industrialist, the large amount of public community in order to undertake the development of eco-friendly environment technologies as well as take a part to parcipate in creating greener Indonesia and with the mission of improving the quality of the environmental aspects of sustainable products.

“Architects, contractors, developers will need the green product certification product council to aiming the high-value certification, low operating costs and creating sustainable environment”  said Naning Adiwoso, one of the Green Product council initiator, “Its about waste we generate” also added in the opinion about the waste product technology emphasized the envision of Indonesia Environment future.

Naning Adiwoso also explained that Indonesia Green Label is certification of eco-friendly products where’s there minimum life cycle aiming to reduce negative environmental impact.

“ In 2020,we are aming to the green and healthy buildings target, using the non-toxic material and environmentally friendy construction ”said Anggia Murni, Head of Green Product Council Indonesia.

The several factor of the Green product Council Indonesia development :

  • Lack of eco-friendly green material
  • Lack of the green material knowledge ( for The development, architect, and the Industrial )
  • The high number of Green Product market demand

Green Building Council Indonesia is encouraging the society to move towards greener building and lifestyle through  Green Product Council Indonesia launching event that been held on 26 of August 2015. This event also  attended by several well-known brand products which are concerned and engaged with green material innovation such as TOTO, Daikin, Monier, La Dova, etc.


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