India : Green building concept for smarter city


Chandigarh City, India

In response to the growing size and influence of cities, The Indian government has set a bold urban development agenda. The Smarter cities mission aims to improve the quality of India fast-growing urban centres as approved by India Prime Minister. Chandigarh could be the first smarter city in India with the many high technologies created in the country.

According to Anurga Aggarwal, Home Secretary of Chandigarh Administration, the critical point to improve Chandigarh smart to city to an even smarter city is the collaboration between all stakeholders in the industry, namely institutions, hospitals, commercial establishment, schools, colleges and all citizens to collectively work and adopt zero discharge – zero wastage. It is a green building concept that is energy efficient and self sufficient with negligible carbon footprints.

Chandigarh also need to promote the importance of sustainable, and eco-friendly green building construction technologies, green practices and innovation of conservation of scarce resources throughout the region. In line with this mission, more than 100 government buildings in Chandigarh install solar PV panels on their rooftops.

Chandigarh Administration is soon to officiate their programme and sign the memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the confederation of Indian Industry (CII), as CII would play the advisory role and suggest ways forward to draw roadmap and help work on on all critical aspects of smart city.

India’s goal to fill 500 crore sq ft area with green buildings by 2022 can be achieved if all pay respect to the heritage while adopting West’s advance technologies at the same time, according to India Green Building Council (IGBC)’s Chairman, Dr Prem C Jain. In line with this, IGBC aims to provide affordable green homes to 400 million people in India.

In addition to India’s goal, Santosh Kumar, the CEO of Chaandigarh Renewal Energy, Science and Technology Promotion Society (CREST), also stated that the government’s target to achieve 1,00,000 MW solar energy generation will be supported by the realization of Chandigarh smarter city.

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