Why not build eco-friendly house?

Eco-friendly house

The consequences of the building and materials are far-reaching and long-term, as it affects the energy consumption of a building. Green housing can start small, then why not build houses the environmentally friendly way ?

A Delhi-based Architect, Akhsay Kaul asserts the importance of not losing the context and the purposes of our existence when building houses. Cautious considerations need to be taken start from designing stage, being fully aware that the environment we are inhabiting is going to be inherited to many generations to come.

For example, in warm-climated countries like India, excessive use of glass is inadvised as it increases energy demand of the building due to high heat radiation it causes. The use of excessive glass is considered a trend, dismissing the environmental effect it poses, according to K.T Ravindran, the Dean of the School of Planning and Architecture. This trend came from the Western countries in which buildings’s facades are essentially made of glasses.

However, once implemented in India, excessive use of glass as facade is like first creating a furnace and then cooling a building – in the process sending heat out once again and using energy in the form of electricity to cool the building.

However, the use of glass in a green building design is not entirely out of the suggestion. Kaul added that the problem can be tackle with the right quantity which can limit the glare and heat in India’s climatic contexts.

Eco-friendly Houses

As the effects of climate change are felt across the world and construction industry is responsible for several environment effects such as carbon emissions, both government and individuals should take the responsibility of embracing eco-friendly houses more keenly and effectively.

One thing to highlight about the eco-sustainable housing development is that it is about reducing the negative impact on the environment. The practices is about meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future needs. The increasing demand a new industry of eco-friendly home building and a whole host of technological innovations have created an arsenal of eco-friendly building materials and techniques.specialise-in-and-only-allow-house-designs-that-are-energy-efficient-1263x1040

The following principals are important to the adoption of eco-friendly houses, particularly in Asia :

  • Site analysis for effective orientation
  • Passive cooling design
  • Use of high thermal insulation
  • Control heat gains, e.g. through limited use of glass facade
  • Use of energy efficient equipment and appliances
  • Reduction of water demand and consumption
  • Ongoing house performance monitoring and optimization
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