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india green real estate

Green building construction concept is the flag bearer of the sustainable development initiative in the real estate sector.

Following China, India is the house of the second largest population in the world. Excessive consumption of resources amidst absence of alternate energy sources, serious measure needs to be taken to conserve necessary amount of energy and resources by every sector in the market, particularly especially the real estate.

Primarc Realty, a retail and distribution venture in India, has recently pioneered the concept of environment friendly green buildings across middle-income and high-income groups in Bengal, with its flagship project Astitva being the first ‘GOLD’ rated residential building by India Green Building Council.

In association with Riya, Primarc has also launched its first five star project ‘Aura’ in Mankundu town, West Bengal, near Kolkata. It is a residential project offering a five star life and mainly the quality of the construction that is durable and cost effective through the use of Aluminium Formwork System. In this case, no further brick nor plastering work is required. This technique ultimately increases the room size as there are no beams and columns trying to hold the superstructure together.

Meanwhile ‘Southwinds’, another project by Primac in Kolkata, has been awarded with a pre-certified ‘Silver’ rating for its construction as it offers durability and stabililty and earthquake resistant RCC superstructure.

The above cases in point highlight the benefits that eco-housing provides: health for the residents, as well as low recurring cost for power uses or maintenance.

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