PEFC : Sustainable green building timber foundation


PEFC, the world’s largest forest certification system, has billed certified sustainable timber as a core component of green building development at a global scale, including Asia.

According to Mr. Gunneber, the Chief Executive of PEFC certification body, rapid expansion of urban population is in Asia a key driver that urge the green building practices across the region.

Demand for housing and green residential will grow rapidly in coming years, as mentioned by Mr. Gunnerberg – and Asia is particularly in need of innovative solutions to address the environmental issue in construction and architectural industries.

Timber and certified timber in particular could serve as a solution. It is considered that the use of lightweight materials such as cross-laminated timber can be used to build extra stories on existing buildings. It is also predicted that architects will soon be able to build 30-storey structures using wood-based products.

The use of just one cubic meter of non-certified timber is illustrated to be an equivalent with deforestation of an area of almost 5 square meter.

Mr. Gunneber concluded that, in fact, the possibilities are rather exciting in addressing the challenges of growing populations, especially in Asia. PEFC-certified timber provides green building industry with “great opportunities” both to meet housing and build sustainability.

Source: IHB

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