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Earth has been used as a building material for the last recent years. It is used as a building material in some of Asia countries for their vernacular architecture such as walls, floors, ceilings, plasters and mortars. Earth building reduces energy consumption and provides a wide range of environmental benefits including reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.The building materials are collected locally and require much less wood to build. It is locally distinctive varying according to soil type and tradition.

Why Build earth building ?

 Earth Buildings are not only clean, but it also relatively beautiful. The thick, solid walls create a sense of comfort and security. It is capable of re insects, earthquakes, hurricanes and fire. They have a very real potential to last hundreds of years. Earth Buildings are appropriate for a variety of climates and are ideally suited for passive solar heating and cooling. Built largely from soil excavated on site, earth building require substantially less fossil fuel derived energy to build than the conventional wood frame homes popping up by the millions.

Earth building materials can be a way of helping with sustainable management of the Earth’s resources. They can be put in place using simple machinery and human energy. It avoid deforestation and pollution, and can achieve low energy costs throughout their lifetime – in the initial manufacture and construction, in their use as homes, and eventually in their recycling back to the earth. Earth is more time-consuming than conventional design and construction, but for those who are providing their own labour, the time involved in earth construction may be less significant than the money cost of modern materials. Many people also value earth construction for its aesthetic qualities.

Advantages of earth building:

  • low cost of materials
  • low energy and transportation costs
  • can be built personally by the homeowner
  • thermal mass for natural heating by the sun
  • maintains a balanced indoor climate without extremes of temperature
  • a renewable non-toxic resource which can be readily recycled
  • low fire risk, non-combustible
  • virtually soundproof
  • natural warm texture and colours
  • allows expression of personal creativity using traditional crafts and skills

Lao’s Earth Building

Laos sustainable community in recent years raises awareness about crucial role of biological, cultural and linguistic diversity for sustainability and the complex interaction between them.laos housing2

Sustainable Laos Education Initiatives have five adobe earth building in their rural area, Adobe earth building is alow impact technology that is durable and beautiful when properly done.The girl’s dormitory is in the shape of a bean. Black beans are a major crop of the people in the area, and are nitrogen-fixing species that replenish the soil and are a great symbol of ecological sustainability. Almost all of the buildings are roofed using grass thatching, a locally available weed that can serve as an excellent mulch when it gets old and needs replacing.

They also built a mushroom house for under $100. The house is in the shape of a snail or a spiral, which maximizes the wall surface area. This will allow them to grow a considerable amount of oyster and other mushrooms in a clean and organized way. Earth is now a key sustainable building material, reducing the carbon used in construction, promoting recycling of materials, and allowing for healthier, more breathable construction. The development of interest in earthen architecture must be seen within a much wider context of a worldwide decline in the utilisation of the materials and techniques associated with earthen architecture, 30% of the world’s population live in earth buildings, but the nature and type of settlement and land use has altered as a result of complex cultural, socio-economic and environmental changes through the 19th and 20th centuries. The modern construction industry that serves of the world’s population is characterised by the utilisation of standardised, prefabricated elements, structural steel, fired brick and cement, and has emerged as a key economic power and political lobby. It is within this context of an overall worldwide decline and change in traditional construction, that earth building must be placed.( – VL)

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