Sri Lanka : Eco-friendly properties demand increased


According to a study by Nielsen, a global research company, 50 percent of the global consumers have agreed to pay more for eco-friendly goods and services.

On the contrary, a house is a much bigger commitment compared to goods and services, yet, there is an increased demand for eco-friendly homes in most emerging nations.

Based on a research by Lamudi Global, it was identified that emerging nations such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Sri Lanka, are attractive markets for eco-friendly properties.

Lately, Sri Lanka has been presenting an increased demand for eco-friendly and sustainable homes.

More developers have invested on partially eco-friendly properties by including grey water systems and solar panels to power common areas.

A unique property in Sri Lanka stands tall by being as sustainable as possible and eco-friendly. The Clearpoint Residencies, otherwise called the world’s tallest vertical garden, is completely green where plants are placed to grow both inside and out of the building where more shade is created in addition to reducing the use of air conditioning since the greenery reduces heat automatically.

The 50 storey building uses a unique drip irrigation system where rainwater and recycled sink and shower water is used to water the plants.

In addition to such sustainable measures, the building uses solar panels at the size of 13,500 square-feet on the rooftop to power the lobby lights, elevators and public amenities.

Lamudi Sri Lanka Managing Director Hugh van der Kolff said: “Though few developers might invest on green projects to satisfy their own interest of reducing emissions, others noticed the increasing demand for green housing projects in both luxury and non-luxury segments.”

Hybrid Homes satisfy the demand for eco-friendly homes by constructing houses using shipping containers. Ranging from Rs. 900,000 to Rs. 3,600,000, the shipping container homes provide facilities from one bedroom unit to a large family house with three bedrooms and attached bathrooms.

The idea of the home is to gain value for money with the opportunity to support green living. The house is movable with optional facilities such as solar panels and natural water.

Aside from affordable housing projects, luxury living in Colombo involves a lot of green elements.

Altair project is one of the structures that have invested on eco-friendly means for the building.

Furthermore, Sri Lanka has seen an increase in tourism at 16.7 percent in February in comparison to 2014.

Local developers have thus far invested on several eco-friendly cottages such as Pal Garden Village Hotel and The Other Corner to attract such tourists to experience the country in its natural order.

Source: Daily News

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